How Can Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Academic Performance

How Can Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Academic Performance

5 Vital Sleep Factors That Can Help

There is a deep relation between sleep habits and the academic performance of students. According to a recent study carried out at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, if an average student sleeps 20 minutes and 24 seconds more on weekdays, it will considerably enhance his grades. The study was conducted on 410 students. The students were divided into two groups, namely average students (115) and excellent students (295) based on their grades. The study’s findings concluded that the reduced nocturnal sleep time, increased daytime sleep, and late bedtimes, especially during weekdays and weekends, may lead to poor academic performance in medical students. However, students need not worry as they can enhance their sleep time by vitamin mood enhancer.

Given below are some vital sleep factors that may improve the academic performance of students:

1. Lifestyle factors:

The study claims that lifestyle factors remained highly responsible behind good and average grades. Sleep plays a crucial role in determining what kind of grades you will get. Students who secured excellent grades were found to be going to bed during the week at a quarter to midnight. Meanwhile, students with average grades were found to be going to bed at ten past midnight. The findings revealed the difference in number of hours an average student and good student sleeps. According to the study, good students managed to get approximately 6 hours and 17 minutes of sleep while average students could only sleep for 5 hours and 56 minutes. Meanwhile, during the weekends, the good and average students got nearly the same hours of sleep. The study further revealed that 50% of students with excellent grades felt that they received adequate sleep. Additionally, this figure was barely 30% among mediocre students. Also, students who got good grades felt less sleepy while attending their classes.

2. Better academic performance:

In the study, it was further found that if you enhance the quality and sleep pattern, your academic performance will be improved. According to the latest data, sleep plays an important role in learning and memory consolidation. When you are deprived of healthy and quality sleep, it may lead to lethargy and decreased neurocognitive and psychomotor performance. The latest reviews have highlighted the significant relationship between sleep patterns, learning capacities, and academic performance.

If you’re facing insomnia or other sleep-related woes, there are many solutions you can try. As stress is a critical component in the sleep equation, you may consider trying both pharmaceutical and supplement-based solutions. Pharmaceuticals may impose a stronger immediate effect, but may not address the underlying issues nor support your body’s internal homeostatic balance. In contrast, supplement-based solutions can offer more well-rounded and fundamental support to your body’s internal system, enforcing your body’s resilience to stress, enhancing your body’s natural Circadian rhythm, and elevating your natural potential to relax and enter sleep, providing enhanced sleep quality. Some top ingredients being studied include Magnesium, Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm, and Passionflower.



3. Poor sleep will lead to poor health:

There is a direct relationship between good sleep and good health. If you get a good night’s sleep, it will lead to better overall health and vice-versa. Therefore, it becomes imperative for students to aim to receive at least nine hours of sleep every night in a bid to excel in their performance and flourish. Experts claim that if you get less than six hours of sleep for one week, you will likely get a cough or common cold. You must strive to increase your sleep by one hour at night for long-term well-being and better mental and physical health. The pattern will ultimately enhance the performance of students in their studies.

When you receive good night sleep, it will improve cognitive functioning, raise focus, attention span, and energy. Sometimes when you seek to improve your sleep quality by exercising, you may not get the desired results. In such a situation, it is ideal to try products that help in getting better natural sleep and reduce stress. Such products will help you cope with stress effectively manner and allow you to relax. Additionally, you can try products that can help enhance your energy production. You may take passionflower stress relief tablets for reducing stress.

4. Significance of adequate rest and sleep:

The brain is one of the most important organs of your body. The three-pound organ can effectively control all the functions of your body and interpret information from the outer world. Therefore, it is essential to take great care of it by recharging it consistently for better mental health and enhanced performance. It will allow students to shine academically. If students fail to get sound and healthy sleep during night time, they will feel sleepy during their classes.

5. Poor sleep will lead to higher body weight:

Studies have shown that poor sleep among students will cause appetite issues. Students will tend to eat more calories when they don’t get healthy sleep. Sleep deprivation may also impact the daily fluctuations in appetite hormones. Poor sleep has also been associated with weight gain. People with poor sleep are likely to put on weight and find it difficult to concentrate.

Bottom Line:

It is essential to address your sleep-related issues in a bid to shine academically. When you fail to get sound sleep, it will cause several health problems and impact your performance in studies in the longer run. It is ideal to rely on some effective products available in the market to get a good night’s sleep.


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